High quality production ready tooling for the metal stamping industry. Keeping customers happy through continuous improvement.
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Founded in 1976, Competition has 70 employees and specializes in building progressive and line dies for the automotive and furniture industries. In 1997, Competition Engineering became part of the Huizenga group.
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Competition's success has come from meeting and exceeding customer needs by providing high quality, production ready tooling at the best value.
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Some areas of interest may be
  • Tryout presses are equipped with coil feed lines, tonnage monitors and die sensors. Progressive die final tryout and sample runs are done in a "Continuous mode"

  • A significant amount of experience has been gained in the integration of "in-die-tapping" and "pierce nut & pierce stud" units into progressive dies.

  • Besides regular Hot rolled and cold rolled materials many dies have been designed and built to run HSLA and stainless steel. Material thickness' have ranged from .010" to .560".